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Fun Refreshing Everyday Solutions for Home


Corinne is THE FRESH EXPERT and your Tupperware Connection with Fresh Ideas to save you time, space and waste. I invite you to take a look around at all this site has to offer – fresh recipes fresh tipsfamily fun – an exciting challenge and more! If you have any questions, please, contact me!

I am so excited to share with all my FRESHFRIENDS my new webisodes, FreshDishes, filmed with my friend and chef, Shonali!  New Videos will be post for Fresh Friend Friday and they can be viewed at my youtube channel as well as my Facebook page.   Let me know what you think!

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Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.37.15 AM

Did you see me on WBTV sharing what is FRESH for FALL: Apples?  If so, I know you want my recipe for the Rustic Apple Tart and the chart that compares Apples to Apples.  Find all of that in my new post!

Why am I the “Fresh Expert” .. .  

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