Today’s FRESH Tip: Fresh Pack for a Waste Free Lunch!
As Americans we are dependent on convenient products at our fingertips.

Nowhere is this more evident than with our Lunch.

Most households pack lunches filled with single-serve disposable items, or will pack lunch items in single-use plastic bags, aluminum foil, wax paper or other disposible containers. Yes, these products are extremely convenient, but at what cost?

The average child goes through 1,700 baggies alone during their schooling – NEVER TO DECOMPOSE.

Waste from packaging accounts for more than 30 percent of all the waste generated each year.

Not only does bringing a FRESH packed lunch reduce that waste, but also saves you money

On Average, A Typical American Child Lunch made with Disposable and/or Pre-Packaged items will cost $723/year. But when you FRESH PACK IT using Reusable Packaging the Average Cost is $477 a year.

That is over $250 a year saved!

As adults we can save even more. An average adult can save an estimated $100,000 over a 30-year career by packing lunch from home. (This assumes a cost of $3.50 for a home-packed lunch compared to $6 for a takeout meal.)
FRESH POINTS to Practice:

1)Buy in Bulk & FRESH PACK it- Stop purchases individual prepackaged snacks and lunch items. Buying in large sizes can not only save money on the price per ounce but you will reduce waste, and help the environment.
Here’s an example
Item At store FRESH Packed

Pudding Cups .42 cents .24 cents

Fruit Cups .57 cents .15 cents

2) PACK FOOD IN Durable, REUSABLE CONTAINERS-Avoid disposible wrapping such as plastic wrap & aluminum foil, and prepackaged foods whenever possible.
3)USE A REFILLABLE DRINK BOTTLE instead of disposables
5) PACK REUSABLE UTENSILS instead of disposables

Packing a waste-free lunch may take a bit more time and creativity but, given the environmental and health benefits, it’s well worth the extra effort.

So let’s get FRESH with these FRESH Packed tips from your FRESH expert.

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