FOOPS – a Direct Sales Road Block

In Direct Sales there is a term known as the FOOPS. It stands for Fresh Out Of PartieS. Well I must confess that mid October I had come down with it.

One of the Challenges in the Party Plan business is keeping your parties up. One’s goal is to always date parties from the parties you have – as well as – dating new ones so you can start new chains from leads away from the party. Sometimes, however, if not as easy as one would like. In fact, that just sums up Direct Sales – – it is a very simple business – – it’s just not always easy. If it was, everyone would do it!!!! One must be resilient to never give up before the bend in the road – to over come the objections and keep working consistently, if they want to have consistent results. I love the saying that if you work your business like a job, you will get job-like results. Same is true that if you work your business like a hobby you will pay for it like a hobby !!

For me, Tupperware is my Bread and Butter –  it supports my family and pays our bills and I was not going to let the FOOPS control me –  I was determined to turn it around and get back in business.  So what did I do?  I got on the phone.  After making 30 phone calls I had dated 4 parties for November.  I sent them personal notes thanking them for dating with me and how much I was looking forward to working with them as well as spoiling them rotten.   They all seemed soooooo excited.  The next week I worked a Trade Show in my area and dated 4 more parties for the following 3 weeks!   I went home sent them email confirmations and started working to make sure they were party planned thoroughly.

Then I got an email to reschedule –  one of the first datings I got from my phone calls had to cancel due to a work conflict –  she would contact me back later to reschedule. 🙁  To me honest I was sad, but not deterred.   Then I got another email that one of my first datings needed to cancel as a personal family matter came up. Followed by a phone call that another host didn’t have anyone coming and she herself had been in the hospital.

I had one party left in my book from my initial phone calls –  I had emailed her, written personal notes, left voicemail message that I was excited and had confirmed with my sitter, I would see her 30 mins before the party unless I heard from her otherwise.  Well, I never heard otherwise, so I showed up as scheduled.  She wasn’t there.  Her husband answered the door and said she was at work.  He called her and she told him she had forgotten and was too busy to speak to me then and would call me later.  That was 4 days ago and I have yet to receive a call.  All I could think was WOW –  was it me?  How and why did this happen?

On the bright side, 3 of the 4 parties I had dated at the show had contacted me within 24 hours of my email confirmation to send their guest list and share how excited they were too!!  I was in business and no longer had the FOOPS –  it was just not as much as I had wanted, or needed to be.   So, its time for me to once again –  get back on the phone!

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