How to make Baby Food

Tupperware has some of the most amazing products!  From Storing to Serving –  Entertaining to Preparing – Kids to On the Go – Tupperware is not only the forrunner for Home Parties –  but it revolutionizes the kitchen.

And since I only want the best for my children –  of course I am going to use the best products to prep their food!

On today’s menu??  SWEET POTATOES!!

First, Peel your potatoes and cut in quarters. Then Steam them till soft in Tupperware’s SmartSteamer.  ((don’t boil, as you will lose nutrients in the water –  steaming is proven to retain the most nutrients in your produce and the microwave uses 70% less energy than your stove top.))

Then , using a food processor (I prefer the Chop N Prep) prep the food til it reaches the consistency your child will enjoy.  I personally add a TBSP of Breastmilk to each batch as my daughter likes her food chunky.  If you need a finer texture, just add more milk or water until it is to your liking.


Then –  Divide and Store.  I used Tupperware’s Classic Sheer Midgets will are 2 oz in size.  They can be freezed or stored in the Fridge.


Isn’t that SUPER SIMPLE???  My 4 year old can even help (which is great, as she feels important to her sister’s growth)

The Best Part is when you ***DARE TO COMPARE**   Organic Sweet Potatoes from the store: .26/oz Made at home from organic veggies delivered to your door with Tupperware’s help: LESS than .10/oz!! yeah baby!

Tupperware Products Used:
Twistable Peeler
Chop N Prep Chef

Organic Delivery Service:
Absolute Organics  ** Make sure you mention Corinne Martin sent you 🙂 best domains site database expiration of domains .

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