FRESH TIP: Buy in Bulk and Store for up to a YEAR!

2 boxes of Cheerios after coupons: $0.29!
Tupperware Super Oval 5 that holds BOTH boxes: $23
knowing that my cereal will last up to a year: PRICELESS!!!

Couponing is HUGE these days.  If you are not a personal couponer (novice or extreme) you know someone who is. There are a number of sites on the web that you can use to find the best deals in your area each week.  Three that I personally use are:

Often, from extreme couponers I know, 2 things often happen with their excess of inventory that “saved” so much on.   The food goes bad before they personally get to eat it, or they end of giving it way to a local charity or church since they have more than their personal family can eat.

When you throw food away, you throw money away –  in fact the average family of 4 throws away over $2,600 a year on groceries they purchase! By storing your food items in air tight containers, you are able to prolong the life, and stretch your $. Although there are a number of food storage containers out on the Market, my FRESH PICK is Tupperware’s Modular Mates Containers. 

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