FRESH TIP: Save on your Energy Bill

During the summer months the heat can get to us . ..  and in return our energy bill can make a big RED mark in our bank accounts.  So to help you ward off those financial strokes brought on by the heat, here are some simple FRESH tips to help stay cool in your wallet 🙂

  1. Clean and Change Filters often. Dirt and dust hinder air flow, reducing efficiency. Your air conditioner and/or heating unit work by using filters to clean the air as it goes into the machine and cycle it outward.  A dirty filter makes the unit work harder as it not only has to pull air through one layer of filter, but also a layer of built-up who-knows-what on top of it. Changing your filter every month will not only conserve that energy now, but it will also reduce wear and tear on the motor, keeping you from needing to buy a new one as soon.
  2. Close the blinds and invest in Curtains. Rooms get hotter without shades or curtains to block the sunlight, especially with south- and west-facing windows.  In the summer months, close drapes to keep the sun from coming in and heating up the house. ** This also makes your air conditioner work harder.**   ((In the winter open drapes during the day to gather the heat from the sun, and close them at night to keep heat in.))
  3. Invest in and use ceiling fans. Nothing says summer like a cool breeze through a room. Using fans make the room feel a few degrees cooler.
  4. Turn Off Lights when you leave the room. This tip is self explanatory – – you’ll be amazed at how much difference in your bill this can make. 
  5. Unplug devices when you are not using them. Gadgets suck energy and generate heat when they are attached to a power source.  Unplug TVs, VCRs, computers, microwaves, and anything else that you’re not using. Standby power for appliances not in use typically accounts for 5% to 10% of residential electricity use. A great tip is to plug  devices into a power strip with a switch that can be turned off when not in use.
  6.  Stop Drafts by sealing windows and doors. Weather-stripping is great to correct any bad seals and keep in cool air during those summer month (and heat during the winter). Not sure where any leaks or drafts may be??  Take a stick of incense, or a sheet of cling wrap near the edges of your doors and windows to identify.
  7.  Adjust your thermostat.  Raising or lowering the temperature can save as much as $100 a year. During the summer, set  the temperature to 78 degrees F. or higher when you’re away at work or asleep. During the winter turn it down.

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