FRESH TIP: Utilize your time by cleaning consistenly

Happy New Year all my FRESH FRIENDS!!!

As I tackle deep cleaning and disinfecting the house from yet another round of winter colds –  I started thinking . ..

Many of my friends have been encouraging me to get a maid to help with the keep-up of our house.  Saying that “it’s a good investment”, and your “time is more valuable.”   I have always been hesitant –  and today I realized why; If part of The Fresh Expert is to share with you Everyday Solutions for Home, then I need to not only share with you tips but show you ones that I personally find make a difference in my day and family flow.

I saw a post today from a friend about how “Time is the most valuable asset we all have –  and its FREE –  how do we utilize it to the fullest?”

As a work at home mom, I want to make sure I have the time to put my family first, while also having a clean home that they can thrive in.  Keeping things in order takes time ~ But if you consistently work to maintain that order –  less time will have to be used in large chunks – less guilt will weigh on our shoulders for what you should be doing later when it all piles up. In a way chores can weigh on you and add psychological debt.

So how does the busy mom or busy individual tackle it?

A great idea that many of you have seen in the cyber world –  is having a Chore Checklist –  what to do daily –  rotating tasks throughout the week so that you can save your weekends for more memorable activities.

Here is one I found by Googling online:

Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

My Plan is to use it, try it out for a week or two and make notes of how to customize it to my family and cleaning style.  Once I do my own, I will share with all of you 🙂

So today I challenge you all to start this year on a FRESH START –  don’t feel like you have to know exactly where to start, utilize those who have and through those steps, you will know what to tweak!

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