FRESH TIP: 15 Organizing Ideas for you and your home!

It’s a NEW YEAR!  And since one of the Top 3 NEW YEARS Resolutions are to GET ORGANIZED – – Here are 15 Ideas for you to utilize 🙂

Organize your Cabinets and Organize Your Life!

1. Determine your goals.

Before you start anything, determine its goal. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there? Set mini-goals and reward yourself for successes.

2. Declutter your desk.

An clutter-free desk erases unnecessary distractions and helps keep your mind on tasks that need immediate attention. Keep only the items on your desk that relate to your current projects.

3. Consolidate similar activities.

Instead of starting and stopping at different levels of activity, you’ll save time by making all of your outgoing telephone calls together, taking care of all your errands at once, etc.

4. Clean out your files and don’t over stuff them

Before you go through the expense of purchasing more file cabinets, folders, etc., take the time to purge all unnecessary paperwork and materials. There’s nothing worse than having to file papers in a file cabinet that is overloaded! Leave enough room in file drawers so you’re not using all your energy to get a piece of paper in or out.

5. Use one calendar.

The biggest mistake people make when using planning calendars is to have one for personal, another for the office, and yet another for the family. Keep personal, professional and family items on one calendar. It will help to eliminate scheduling conflicts. Remember, ‘the man who wears two watches, never knows the correct time.’

 6. Set up files for projects.

Don’t waste time searching for papers or supplies. Keep all paperwork and items that pertains to a certain project together in one large folder or air tight container (Tupperware is my FRESH PICK!).

 7. Make the most of idle time.

Catch up on your reading while you wait for appointments. CDs or MP3s of an educational or motivational nature are a great way to make use of your time while driving to work.   **Why not learn a new language this year while you wait?**

8. Use Master Lists and To Do Lists.

Take control of your time. List all of your tasks on your Master List. Then draw four tasks at a time from you Master List and put them on your Daily To Do List. Each day, try to complete all items on your Daily To Do List. Then, tomorrow, start the same process over again.

 9. Use a greeting card organizer.

Consider a greeting card organizer to remember birthdays,anniversaries and other special events. These look like a notebook, except that each page has a monthly pocket to hold cards. You can pencil in birthdays, events, etc. for each month, plus, you can purchase your cards ahead of time!  (the Dollar store actually has some nice one for a great price and SendOut Cards is a great resource to send for you straight from the web)

 10. Plan your meals.

Plan your meals before you write out your shopping list.  You’ll know what is needed and time will be saved.

Take it a step further and at the top of your list write the things you must get that week. At the bottom write the things you will be needing soon. When shopping only buy the things at the bottom of the list if they are on sale. Eventually, you will end up always buying what you need on sale. That save you TONS!      (My FRESH PICK for knowing the sales and coupons is Southern Savers)

 11. Put things away each day and end it on a good note

Take time to put things back where they belong. Put things back immediately after you’re finished with them or set up a 15-minute appointment with yourself to put things back at the end of each day. Save your easiest tasks for the end of each day. You’ll be able to complete them, and end each day on a positive, rewarding note!

 12. Rest and relax.

Get a good night’s sleep (7 hours or more.) Adequate rest tonight will keep you alert, on schedule and effective tomorrow. Studies actually show that women’s metabolism increases with adequate rest!!!

13. Give everything a Home

Have a place to put your keys, purse, briefcase, and cell phone. Having a designated area will help you  and your family always know where they are and develop good habits for later in life.  For example, if you take it out, put it back; if you open it, close it; if you throw it down, pick it up; if you make a mess, clean it up; and so on.

14. Develop Centers for your Food.

Group your foods together in the pantry — keeping like items together — for easy access and inventory assessment.  Getting organized with the many available products from Tupperware will keep your produce fresh for over a month, your staples fresh for over a year (yes, even cereal)  –  when you organize your life, you save, time, money, space and sanity !

15. Continuously improve.

There are so many tips out there to organize your life.  The main thing is to work to achieve something everyday and to aim to have everything done when its due and have everything easily able to find when it is needed.  Consistency will help you make organization a habit 🙂

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