FRESH CRAFT: Make your own Gift bag!

Have you ever needed to wrap and give a gift ASAP and realized you were out of gift bags?

I was in that situation the other day and since the Baby was napping, couldn’t really just run to the store.

So I looked around to see what I did have.  I had tissue paper, ribbon and old brown shopping bags from the grocery store.
A light bulb went off and this is what I came up with.

Take a Brown Craft/Grocery Bag and cut in half (or to size wanted to bag). Fold down cut edge 1 inch.cameraphone103 179Fold Down another 1-2 inches to make a nice lip on the top of the bag.
cameraphone103 181Punch a hole in the side of the bag (centered on lip) and thread in ribbon, knotting on the inside.
cameraphone103 183

Repeat threading on opposite side.cameraphone103 188

Finish by adding tissue paper and a gift 🙂

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