Fresh Fun: Make your own International Coffees!

PicsArt_1361985651014Sure you can go spend $3-$5 on a Pre-made International Coffee Mix, or you have your own FRESH SOLUTION by making the mix yourself in bulk for a FRACTION of the price.

Below are some of my personal favorite mixes.  If you shop at a discount store like Aldi, then you will save even more (and the quality will be comparable!).  Of course once mixed, you will want to store in a FRESH SOLUTION: Our Modular Mates 🙂

Have fun with it and let me know which one is YOUR FAVORITE!

1 c. Sugar
2 tsp. Cinnamon
1 ½ c. Non-dairy Creamer
1 ½ c. Nonfat dry milk
4 Tbsp. Cocoa
1 c. Instant coffee

1 c. Instant Coffee
1 c. Sugar
2 c. nonfat dry milk
4 tsp. cocoa powder

COFFEE MIXING DIRECTIONS *  Place all ingredients in blender (or Quick Chef Pro), blend until powdered *  Use 1 – 2 tsp. with 1 cup hot water for individual serving. *  SPECIAL NOTE:  For sugar substitute, use 16 tsp. for 1 c. sugar.  You may also use decaffeinated coffee.

1  c. Instant Tea
1  9 oz. Jar Tang
1  3-oz pkg. pre-sweetened Lemonade
½ tsp. Ground Cloves
1 tsp. Cinnamon

RUSSIAN TEA MIXING DIRECTIONS Mix ingredients together.  Makes a little over one pint dry mix.  To serve, use 2 tsp. in 1 cup of boiling water.  Store in Modular Mate Oval 3 or Mini Rectangular 1.


Measuring Cups and Spoons
Modular Mates
Quick Chef Pro

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