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Keynote Training workshop building a fresh startAre you looking for a Keynote Speaker or want to offer your team a FRESH Training Workshop?

Born, Raised and Burped in Direct Sales Corinne knows what it takes to build a personal business and success line. Using her experience and knowledge from starting her own business from scratch at the age of 19, her “Building a FRESH Start” keynote or training workshop walks your group/organization through the basics of building a firm foundation for your business. As a keynote speaker she will share her personal experience, struggles and achievements to inspire and motivate your team to build to their best.  During the training workshop you will go even further learning key habits, word choices, systems, and more, that have personally grown (and rebuilt) her business and team in the last 14+years.

Want more? Corinne can customize a keynote or training workshop exclusively for you!   Anything from Fresh Fit for your life: Meal Prep, Healthy Living and Fresh Tips to living a Fresh Life; to Fresh Focus: Living a Confidence driven life on YOUR Terms.  She will be speaking this Fall at the Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) chapter in Sanford’s event on “Owning It.”

“Corinne’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious! She pulls you in and makes you believe you can do anything!  ~Robin D.”

Corinne is magnetic! Her speaking and presentations are not only captivating but infused with her personal story of inspiration. She has an amazing way of connecting with anyone and drawing you into her excitement for life.
Charryse J.”

We want Corinne to share a keynote or training workshop with us!

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