Upcoming Parties

Want to Order from or Join one of Corinne’s Upcoming Parties?

1st: Make sure you have visited her Tupperware webpage so you are “linked” to her. http://twcorinne.com.   If you have been to another consultant’s page before, be sure to click YES and change your consultant to Corinne.  NOT SURE? if the flash page below says “Your Consultant is Corinne Brown” in the orange box you are SET . . if it listed someone else’s name or no one’s ..  you need to click the link.

2nd: After viewing her page you can either REFRESH this page, or click “FIND A PARTY” on the left side of the http://twcorinne.com homepage to see parties that are currently registered.

3rd: Want to start your own Tupperware Party and earn TONS of Tupperware for Free??  Contact Corinne today!  corinne@thefreshexpert.com.