Coffee with Corinne: Into the Groove

Into the Groove

Get into the Groove!

With the new season starting –  for some of you it is back to school, some of you its just the fall approaching, we have to time take to assess and reset our intentions and schedule.

So here are my 3 FRESH TIPS, starting with fine tuning your ROUTINE.

I know I had gotten into the habit of sleeping in and letting my work schedule slide this summer as I wanted as much time with the girls as possible.  Maybe you wanted to end your day earlier so you could hit the pool.  So reestablishing my routine was one of the first things I had to do to get back into the groove.  Again, this has a lot to do with balance –  you need to set work hours.  You need to have a routine in the morning when you get up. I find splashing water on my face first thing helps me “wake up.” Then I move to coffee, making breakfast and prepping the girl’s lunches before waking them up.  For many, maybe you need to take time for yourself, meditate or read a morning devotion.

Are you going to be on the go all week?  Or are you working from home?  Either way Meal Prep can help you get back into the groove with your health and give you the energy you need.  At the end of the day, lay your clothes for the next day and have your todo list put together before you go to bed.

For me having a gratitude journal by the bed and reading at night sets my intentions for the new day so I not only sleep better, but am ready to tackle the next day’s tasks. It allows me to be proactive and not reactive.

My next Fresh Tip is MINDSET.  Mindset is everything.  How are you looking at life and what it brings you?  Let me be open with you. This summer was a TOUGH one for me emotionally and mentally. I was tested in way I never had been (and honestly still am being) but I learned some great lessons.  I have always said that your business should be like water that fills in the cracks.  We all have rocks –  we just can’t them control us.  Your business should work for you, on your terms!

Positivity attracts positivity.  Helen Kelen said: “Your Success and Happiness lies in you.  Resolve to be happy and that joy shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”   Its the “secret” –  the law of attraction – what you think is what you are.  How is your mindset?

Last Fresh Tip is to set BOUNDARIES.  A good friend of mine recently shared the difference between boundaries and barricades.  The most authentic and successful people have some of the clearest boundaries.  These lines are aligned with your core values and with that you display self respect to yourself.  It is okay to be selfish, because true selfishness comes from self love.  I shared before with my balance podcast that Me Time is a necessity to having balance. You can’t take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself.  When you work from home, and especially when you have kids, you must have boundaries to protect yourself.

Barricades on the other hand come from fear. They can be very brittle as it is more reactive and is likely to shatter.  They are not aligned with your core, but more what you think based on what others perceive.  Don’t just block people out because you are scared –  set boundaries that are true to you and your intentions.

Getting into the groove means being ready and set for the success you are meant to have.  Start using these 3 Fresh Tips and see the amazing new you for the coming months!

Corinne Brown





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