Custom Kitchen Planning

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 2.37.09 PMCustom Kitchen Planning is a personalized consultation designed to help maximize kitchen storage.

From the pantry to the fridge and freezer to multipurpose storage, Custom Kitchen Planning takes into consideration the food that is eaten, how much food is purchased and the number of people in the household.

There are various containers in different shapes and sizes for every need. They all stack into neat, compact storage units, saving valuable storage space.

Planning and buying ahead for the week instead of having to shop every couple of days saves precious time. Plus, our airtight seals keep your food fresher for longer. Prolonging the shelf life of your food saves you lots of money. storage

Corinne will come to you and map out “centers” for the foods you keep on hand.

For Example:
Baking Center (includes everything you use to bake)
Breakfast Center (includes hot and cold cereals and various breakfast mixes)
Beverage Center (includes everything you use to prepare hot and cold beverages)
Pasta, Bean, etc. Center (includes all kinds of pastas, beans and rice varieties)
Snack Center (includes foods you and your family like to snack on)

Picking the containers that fit best for your space, you will be given a Custom Kitchen Planning WISH LIST. From there you will choose what is best for you and your budget.

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Custom Kitchen Planning Testimonials

Kristi Vernon Tuppermonial, Custom Kitchen Planning
I was constantly letting food go bad or buying multiples of things I already had, but with the help of Corinne, I got the right amount of Tupperware ordered and now my pantry is perfectly organized! It is so easy to open the doors and take a quick inventory…I can honestly say sometimes I open the door and just like to look at how pretty it is now 🙂 Love the product! Love my consultant! ~ Kristi Vernon, Vernon + Lucas Realty Group