FRESH IDEA: Kids Activities for Summer

Summer Fun for Kids with the Fresh Expert

It’s Summer!!  With the kids home from school I have to tell you –  they may get restless  –  I know mine do!  So here are some simple inexpensive ideas you can do together to create memories and even play with a little science.

Play Dough
1 cup water
4 cups flour
2-4 TBSP Vegetable Oil
1 1/2 cups salt
food coloring
glitter (optional)

Pour Water into large mixing bowl.  Then add food coloring and then add the dry ingredients (flour and salt).  Next add 2-4 TBSP of oil . .  then knead until a soft dough if formed.  Store in Tupperware so it lasts weeks!



▪A big bowl
▪cornflour (also known as cornstarch!)
▪food colouring (optional )

What to do
▪Fill a cup with cornflour and add to the bowl
▪Add water very slowly mixing with your hands all the time, until you get a sticky, slimy goo.
▪If you want to make it coloured add some food colouring, be careful this can stain skin and clothes.


Make your own Volcano Lamp/ or Ocean.

  • Fill the bottle or jar  a quarter full with water.
  • Top up to the (near) top with the vegetable oil
  • The oil and water should separate into two layers, water at the bottom and oil sitting on top. Add about 6-8 drops of food colouring once they have separated.
  • To make an ocean, add glitter, sparkles, etc.
  • To make a Volcano, pop in half an alka seltzer tablet and watch the bubbles form.   Then, add more alka seltzer bit by bit to keep the bubbles rising and falling.


Shaving Cream Puff Paint

1/2 cup Shaving Cream
1/2 cup Glue
a few drops of food coloring.


  • Use equal parts shaving cream and glue
  • Mix together in a plastic bag for “pipping” or on a plate with a brush
  • Use heavy paper to play on. Have fun!