Fresh Thought: That One Eye

Okay, this is a kind of a different post than you may have seen before from me.  A Fresh Thought is something random that I think the world should know.  I am warning you a head of time, it may be a little “sappy” to some.  But, for me it was a real moment of realization, and one that I wonder if YOU, my Fresh Friends feel too?

My 8 year old has started using messaging on her iPod to her family.  She wanted contact pictures, and requested this one from me from my phone.


As I loaded it to her iPod,  I first saw that my eye to the left in the picture was smaller than the one on the right.  I realized I had the dreaded “oversmiling;” where one cheek raises higher than the other, causing your eye to start to squint.  That one eye I know we all have!!

To me, that honestly is the sign of true happiness. Not caring about how the picture may end up looking, but there in the moment.

Unfortunately, when viewed later, the feeling that was in that moment is lost. For me,  I started critiquing.

Later, when I sat down to respond to messages, I saw it again and my view changed.

This is what my daughter sees when she looks at me. I know that my smile is constantly beaming when she is sharing her day, thoughts, moments, life.  Yes, that arm is reaching out hold the camera for a selfie, but for her, I am reaching out in her direction. Hugging her.  Loving her.  Whenever she looks at this picture, she can feel that feeling.

So while initially I thought it was a “oversmile,” I realized it is a true moment. My hope, is that she sees herself reflected in my eyes and knows the joy my heart beams for her.

She is an amazing kid!  🙂     Have you ever had a moment like that?


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