Fresh Recipe/Meal Prep: Stacked Salads

Quick Chef stacked salad

Planning your meals for the week not only saves you time, but it saves you your waistline!

Many times when we are hungry and not prepared, we reach for what is most “convenient.”  And what is convenient often means processed, prepackaged and full of preservatives that we can’t pronounce.  That means added calories and toxins we don’t need or want.  Taking time each week to plan your week, means you can have a Healthy Vending Machine at home with Clean, Preservative Free, and Yummy meals that will energize you and help contain the bloat!

Stacked Salads are just ONE of the simple and easy meals you can plan ahead.

Above there is a chart that shows the order your salad is to be stacked in so that it stays fresh for multiple days and is ready to just Flip in a bowl or plate and enjoy.

Start at the bottom with your Dressing of Choice (you can easily create your own).

Then, add the Heavier and Non-Porous Veggies and Fruits; think tomatoes, beans, oranges, broccoli, etc.

Follow, with heavier, absorbent items like your meat proteins, nuts, grains and cheese.

Next, you will add the delicate and porous veggies that are spongy and absorbent.  Examples are Mushrooms, strawberries, bananas, egg, cucumber.

Last, you will add your greens of choice and fresh herbs.

Have fun with it, try new things, and eat FRESH!


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