Fresh Thought: Transformation Tuesday Day 1

Today I made a choice.   I made a choice to live the life that I am meant to live.  To live where I want to be in both mind, body, spirit and profession.  And yes, I am going to kick ass as I embrace what I am attracting to me.

Through the next 60 days I am committed to share (for accountability, of course) what I am doing/will do to affirm my goals.  What goals?  Well, I will create order in my home and in my mind/spirit.  I will double my base team sales and I will lose/tone the 20 lbs of experience I have gained this last year.  60 days, 3 things .. .  I got this!    ***Aren’t affirmations powerful?***

A few days ago, I realized time and time again my journal entries mirrored each other. The same struggles, the same observations, the same self doubt, the same pain.  Its really hard to admit this out loud – – but I am not perfect. 🙂  No one is – which is why is so frustrating to feel self reluctance.

I kept hearing this voice screaming inside me “What are you waiting for?” What am I waiting for?   Today I finally made the choice to listen. Yep, it was me.  I was waiting for me!!  I wasn’t open to hearing what my spirit was really saying.

In Direct Sales, anyone who decides to be coached by someone else is comparable to the choice you make for your own life. Coaching is critical to growth on and in a team or group.  There are many parts to being an effective coach –  but across the board  –  the  first step is having someone OPEN to be coached as well as CHOOSING to be coached. Ready to really run with the growth by listening to your core, your spirit and acting on it no matter how much it scared you.

This scares me to share publicly in cyberspace. But, I am listening and have faith. Join me to see how I process, how my results are to my goal weekly, any objections/frustrations during the process . . yep . .  I will share my experience through this transformation.  And it will NOT be a smooth one!

Tupperly,  🙂

Corinne Brown