Fresh Tip: Morning Meal Prep

March Madness continues with Meal Prep for the morning making overnight oats.  There is a current debate as to weather breakfast is the most important meal of the day or not.  Let’s take a second and just look at the name: BREAK. FAST.  That means its the first meal you typically would eat after you FAST, aka sleep and let your body reset.  So in reality its what you eat, not when you eat it that matters the most.  Oatmeal or overnight oats are one of the best ways to ward off weight gain and allow your body to start off healthy and full – meaning better choices throughout the day.

Much like many of the Fresh Tips I share, convienence, when it comes to your oats, can cost your your wasteline and your wallet.  Stay away from the instant boxes or prepakaged overnight oats you can find on the shelves.  Those are often full of added sugars and artificial flavors that your body does not need.  By taking a few minutes to meal prep yours at night, not only will your overnight oats taste better, but will cost you less, full of the power packed good stuff you love.  And YES, they are great for your gut!

So how do you make them?  Overnight Oats are so simple! All you need to remember is it is a 2:1 ratio of your oats and liquid.  Your liquid can be any nut milk, regular milk, water mixed with protein powder, etc.  Then, add in your favorite things, like fruit, peanut butter, greek yogurt, spices or seeds.  The possibilities a really are endless and if you google it, you will find a ton of simple recipes as well.  Then, store overnight, ideally 5-7 hours, so that all the flavors can merry.  Grab and go in the morning for a healthy breakfast that ensures your success.  Prefer for your overnight oats to be warm? Prep them in Tupperware’s Crystwave Soup Mugs so that you can heat them up when you are ready to enjoy.

Check out the LIVE Video where I talked more about this here and want that recipe for the Carrot Cake Overnight Protein Oatmeal? Go to



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