Meet Corinne

Hi! I’m Corinne, The Fresh Expert and CEO of The Foundation Academy. 

Born, Raised and Burped in Direct Sales, I understand the struggles to find balance between your business, home, family, and the surprises from life. So much so, I am confident sharing that I am an Expert. Over the last 2 decades I have personally trained my nationally ranked sales organization with tips to success. I have also trained across the country at various conferences and spoken for multiple organizations.

Over the years, one thing became clear to me about Direct Sales. It is a Fruit Basket, with everything from Kumquats to Bananas.  It is not Apples to Apples. But the thing they all have in common (along with Network Marketers) is the basket that holds them. That basket is their foundation.

If you think of a foundation of a home, no matter the size house you build, if there are leaks, or cracks that are not addressed, the house will fall.  Time and time again, I noticed how important a solid foundation is to success in this industry.  To help others learn the pillars to a strong foundation, to build any business big, I started The Foundation Academy.

I have had the honor to be featured on the cover of Tupperware’s Salesforce Magazine and had the opportunity to represent them at multiple Celebrity Events in New York City.  I have not only has been featured in exclusive training videos, locally on Charlotte Today, Bounce and WBTV News, but was also was featured in Fox Business, Taste of Home and aired on CBS Sunday Morning. My biggest accomplishment so far however,  is being a mom to my 2 amazing daughters.

Here is you’ll find great tips to save time, space and waste, as well as, how to build it big in your business!